We are Kindred. An independent PR & comms agency delivering positive change.

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Why Positive Change?

Positive change is in our DNA. It’s been our focus for 21 years. And it runs through everything we do, like a message through a stick of rock.

It’s something we believe every organisation and brand can, and should, be doing. It’s no longer niche, but rather a non-negotiable in consumers’ minds.

Positive change means making something better – for people, communities, the world.

The ‘better’ depends on the brief.  Sometimes our work itself makes a direct change, and sometimes it supports our clients so they can be a force for good. But it always delivers real-world impact.

Over the decades we’ve tackled loneliness, reduced food waste, improved financial wellbeing and inspired the next generation.

We’ve helped to make people greener, happier and healthier. And we’ve only just begun.

We are Kindred
We are positive change

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