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A taste of teaching with food & lifestyle vlogger Katie Pix

We’ve had so much fun working with YouTube influencer, Katie Pix, as part of the Get Into Teaching campaign. The campaign aims to highlight teaching as a potential career, and this activity focused on a younger audience who might be considering it. Like much of the campaign, this content explores the emotional rewards and pride involved in being a teacher.

Katie joined her university friend and now teacher, Josh, for a full day back at school. Putting herself into his shoes as a teacher, she was introduced to all the amazing staff and students at Q3 Academy Langley in the West Midlands, who really helped bring the film to life. In Katie’s own words, “Hand on heart, I was blown away by how rewarding an experience it was. From sharpening up my own science skills to teaching a class of my own to the most spectacular group of young people, I spent the day smiling from ear to ear”.

We were delighted with all the great results and positive feedback from the film, as well as a huge amount of pick up across all Katie’s social channels. In just over a week, the video reached 2,900 views organically. One of the comments on YouTube speaks for itself: “Katie strikes again! Great video! I’m currently training to become a teacher myself and it’s an absolute joy. Loved every minute so far.”

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