Kindred is proud and excited to be a B Corp, part of the movement to make business a force for good.


And even prouder to have a B Impact score of 100.4 – more than 20 points above the minimum score needed for certification.


As a B Corp certified business, our positive change credentials are assessed every three years to ensure we’re becoming evermore equitable, inclusive and regenerative as we grow.


Being part of the B Corp community holds us to our agency mission to deliver positive change for the planet and its people through every aspect of the agency’s work. And to our ambition of cultivating the most progressive and supportive culture in the industry. Talented people can bring their whole selves to work here, create great campaigns and deliver impactful results for our clients.


We celebrate our B-Day each year – the anniversary of the day we became B Corp certified – instead of our ‘business birthday’, as a reminder to each of us of our ongoing commitment to these goals.

We are now
B Corp Certified!
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