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We’ve prepared the following materials to support our tender for social media services. Please click the images on this page to explore further



Firstly, our Client Leadership Promise. This is something we share with all our client partners and it sets out what you can expect from us and how we can work together to make change.


Secondly, our recent successes in financial services communications. The film below details just some of our achievements in this space over the last twelve months.



Finally, three examples of our social media work as detailed in the tender document.


1. GoCardless – small business campaign


We created a strategy that would help GoCardless attract more small business customers through content created specifically for them, like our ‘customer story’ series where existing small business customers bring to life GoCardless products and services for their peers.


2. Dyson – global content strategy


We developed global content strategies for Dyson’s Instagram and YouTube channels, advising on best-practice content creation for formats, TOV, content pillars, visual identity and more.


3. Lily’s Kitchen – TikTok launch


We created the strategy that would launch Lily’s Kitchen on TikTok, exposing them to an audience of millennial pet parents and provide a framework for cutting-edge, platform-native content that would attract a new generation of customers to the heritage brand.
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