Kindred proud finalist in industry’s leading Mental Health Champion Award.

April 2023

Kindred’s 2023 finalist place for PRWeek’s Best Place to Work Mental Health Champion Award is
testament to how we support our staff. From our Kindhead programme, which helps staff to manage
their mental health offering advice for preven/on and support in crisis, our Breathing Space policy
for those who might need a /me out from work, and our regular wellness ini/a/ves including our
annual £150 wellbeing fund and weekly wellness hour; it’s an important part of our culture.

Kindred’s mental health support was one of the highest scoring sec/ons in our annual survey, and in
the independent survey conducted by PRWeek for this shortlist, Kindred’s mental health support was
rated 4.94 out of 5 by our team. To keep showing up in this space we’ve signed up to the Mental
Health At Work Commitment and will be looking to develop our offer in line with this framework,
across the next year.