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Meet NCS’s Unstoppable Grads

Across nine weeks in February, March and April this year, Kindred’s Social Media Team successfully delivered the Unstoppable Grad Stories series across NCS’s social channels. The activity showcased the nine inspiring NCS grad stories featured in this year’s Feel Unstoppable ad campaign. Our nine Unstoppable grad stories were: Leona, Ajay, Jay, Mattea, Amelia, Jordan, Megan, Josh and Chloe and Emily, and each had an empowering and unique journey to share.

Using interviews, videos and still imagery, we created a variety of video, gif and static image content to bring to life the Unstoppable stories. Our aim was not only celebrating these grads and their NCS experience, but more importantly, inspiring our target audience across the UK to sign up and take part in NCS this summer. Content went live across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Tumblr and the NCS Blog.

We ensured that each story had a strong unique feel and highlighted the varied and distinct ways in which NCS helped empower our grads to achieve their goals and get that unstoppable feeling! The focus of the stories ranged widely from self-expression, to overcoming obstacles, to the importance of persevering to be successful. Content and supporting social posts for each Unstoppable Grad Story included: a Snapchat story, YouTube video, Instagram Story, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, a Twitter thread and in addition, supporting blog content and posts driving to grads’ blogs. We made sure that content was tailored exclusively to each NCS social platform and as a result, the campaign was successful at driving engagement, proving highly relevant and prompting quality interaction from our audience.

The campaign included both organic and paid social media posts. In terms of targeting across paid social, promotion on Facebook and Instagram targeted 15-17 years-olds across the UK, and interest targeting in-particular proved effective. For example, we targeted, Mattea’s content, which focused on her passion for dance and Megan’s content, on her impressive judo skills, to teenagers within our target demographic who also expressed a specific interest in these activities. This resulted in a heightened relevancy of this content to our audience.

In terms of the results, this really paid off. Across Instagram an average of over 6,000 views for each grad’s Instagram story, with a notable highlight being Josh’s Instagram poll asking our audience to guess what they thought Josh’s passion is, which drove high levels of engagement, resulting in over 3,000 votes from our audience.

Across Instagram, total impressions for the grads’ videos totalled almost 9.75 million, while video views on Instagram totalled an impressive almost 1.4 million and gained almost 39,000 likes. Across Facebook, video views totalled over 2 million, with the final figure for total impressions coming in at an excess of 13.8 million, as well as a total of over 800,000 engagements.

Looking across to Twitter, video views on this channel totalled half a million, with an impressive average of 15% of the audience watching the full-length videos through to completion. The videos earned over 40,000 engagements with an average engagement rate of 2.4%.

Adding in the further total of over 1.6 million video impressions earned on Twitter, means a combined total of over 25.2 million impressions for video content across social and over 3.7 million video views for the Unstoppable Grad Stories campaign. Instagram static image posts combined, drew in a further 1.5 million+ impressions, and over 75,000 engagements.

We reckon that’s pretty unstoppable…

Check out all of the content across NCS’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels.

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