The brief

Raise awareness of CRUK’s range of proven tools to help quit smoking, amongst routine and manual workers.

How we made positive change

The majority of smokers in the UK try to quit smoking unaided, despite ‘cold turkey’ being the least effective method.  To achieve long-term behaviour change, we needed to show our audience they’re far more likely to succeed if they use the help of one of three quit-smoking tools. To do this we used the behavioural change principle of “idiosyncratic fit” – the idea that everyone wants to use “the right tools for the job”. We used the creative hook of the audience’s work in manual labour to increase the relevance of the message.



million video views


site visits over the campaign period


of C2DE respondents who recalled the campaign reported taking action as a result (10% tried to cut down, 8% started using an e-cigarette)

We are now
B Corp Certified!
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