Positive Change is Serious Business.

We boosted views of EVs by 22%

The details.

Green Car Cross Code
The brief

Position ZenAuto as a leader in EV leasing amongst a family audience, supporting the UK’s switch to electric

How we made positive change

We updated one of the nation’s most loved PSAs by creating the Green Car Cross Code to better prepare today’s kids for the EV-era. Developed in partnership with road safety charity Brake, the code was distributed to more than 4,000 educators across the UK to help upskill children on modern road safety.

What we delivered
  • Content
  • Partnership marketing
  • PR

Impact in numbers.

new charity partnership brokered by Kindred between ZenAuto and Brake
pieces of coverage
national hits including The Sun, Daily Express, i, Daily Mirror and Daily Star
of coverage included backlinks to the ZenAuto website
YoY uplift in EV page views
of UK drivers have increased confidence in EVs as a result of campaign (via independent evaluation)