Positive Change is Serious Business.

We encouraged 62% of school kids to consider a career in STEM.

The details.

Super Realoes
The brief

Engage children from all demographics with STEM through the ‘stuff’ they enjoy.

How we made positive change

Kids love superheroes like Spiderman and Iron Man, but few make the connection that their alter-egos are actually scientists and engineers. We launched Super Realoes to bring the two ‘worlds’ together. As well as commissioning renowned Marvel comic book artists to create a comic featuring STEM pioneers, we also launched a competition asking children to design a superhero-esque gadget that could make a positive impact on the world. The winner was given the surprise of his life – a working prototype presented by Major Tim Peake who also starred in our comic.

What we delivered
  • Content
  • Influencers
  • Partnership marketing
  • PR

Impact in numbers.

pieces of coverage – exceeding KPI by 900%
fire-fighting drone prototype (created for the winner and demoed on The One Show)
shift in perception that ‘anyone can be an engineer’ amongst young people
parents post-campaign agreed that the competition would make their child feel that engineering was accessible to them