Positive Change is Serious Business.

We helped 10,000+ Brits reconnect with British wildlife.

The details.

Lovat Parks
The Big 5
The brief

Increase consideration for B Corp holiday company Lovat Parks among young families.

How we made positive change

Forget the traditional ‘Big 5’ on safari, we revealed the UK’s very own unmissable ‘Big 5’ wildlife wonders – identified by TV presenter Megan McCubbin. We worked with Professor Andrea Mechelli on a report providing new insight into the health benefits of immersing in wild spaces. The campaign was such a hit with visitors that it’s become a permanent fixture across all nine UK Lovat Park locations.

What we delivered
  • Content
  • Design & branding
  • Events
  • Influencers
  • PR

Impact in numbers.

People reached
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Lovat Parks prominently display ‘Big 5’ content