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Recycle for Wales – #Teacycle

Who would have thought that the amount of tea bags wasted by students would’ve been so huge? In fact, a staggering 6.3 million used tea bags are sent to landfill by students in Wales alone. This number is insane considering the amount of power that recycling used tea bags could generate. Recycling just two tea bags could generate enough electricity to power your smartphone!

Working with Recycle for Wales we knew this issue should be addressed, and thought; what better way to bring it to students’ attention than by dressing up as various tea related items? Braving the Cardiff chill we paraded outside the Students’ Union dressed up to shout about tea bag recycling. With the help of the Handlebar Barista team we gave out free tea and food caddies to students in the area.

Wanting to grab the attention of more than just the students on the streets we posted on Recycle for Wales’ social media channels and used the hashtag #Teacycle. Student unions across Wales got involved in the conversation online and helped spread the message.

It’s not just students to blame though, across the whole of Wales 153 million tea bags are wasted a year which contributes to the production of methane, a harmful greenhouse gas. So next time you have your morning brew think of the consequences of simply throwing the tea bag in the waste bin. Chuck it in the food caddy and give yourself a little pat on the back instead!

Written by kindred_admin