Nick Mustoe

Nick calls himself a business gardener. He spends a lot of his time mentoring young businesses, start-ups and graduates. Nick wants everyone to have a shot at starting and growing a business for themselves and does whatever he can to help make that happen.

Sharon Bange

Sharon wants to rid the world of ‘parent guilt’. She’s starting by helping to create a culture at Kindred that embraces working parents and gives them the flexibility to do a brilliant job at work and at home.

Sinéad Gray

Sinéad wants to be part of the solution that makes this industry more inclusive for everyone. She has been an active member of Bloom for the past five years and founded BloomFest, a one-day conference designed to tackle gender issues and devise practical solutions for women in communications.

Ross Garavand

Whilst numbers are Ross’s forte he has a creative side that is blossoming. His two daughters have inspired him to write flower character picture books encouraging young children to engage with gardening and nature.

Jenny Ames

Jenny is passionate about creating a kinder world, whether that’s by raising money for Kindred’s charity of the year or by living a vegetarian lifestyle. She is also on a personal mission to revive her creativity and love of music, by returning to playing the violin.

Charlotte Dolman

Charlotte believes in the power of the spoken word.  She’s been a talker since day dot and makes it her mission to connect with people IRL as much as she possibly can.  In an increasingly virtual world, it’s the best way to tackle a problem, build and nurture relationships or discuss the latest must-see Netflix series…

Abby Lewis-Miller

Abby is an advocate of the positive impact a simple chat can have. Whether it’s talking about last night’s Love Island, having a cup of tea with a friend she met through Age UK befriending scheme or staying quiet and listening in her counselling training, a face-to-face conversation goes a long way.

Charley Boughen

Charley is passionate about the positive impact of female role models, particularly on young girls, which is why has recently mentored a young woman through The Girls Network. She is also a keen believer that creativity can come from anyone and wants to help fly the flag for introverts in the industry.

Ben O’Callaghan

Ben wants to create a world where people aren’t afraid to talk about their mental health and feel comfortable asking for help when they need it. His own experiences led him to blog about mental health in relation to the specific pressures of the communications industry, as well as the stigma men in particular face.

Elle Bracher

Elle tries to embrace creativity every day, building on her passion for photography and typography whenever possible. She will often take the time to create hand drawn cards and occasionally some one-off pieces.

Roop Pardesi

Roop is keen to use his expertise as a comms professional to help make a positive impact on the world. He enjoys learning about different people’s perspectives and believes that every individual can play a part in making wide scale changes for what they believe in.

Letreis Lawrence

Letreis is the vegan of the office. Living proof of positive change, she lost 5 1/2 stone in less than a year through diet, exercise and a new perspective. She’s determined to show everyone how easy, delicious and good for the soul plant-based food can be.

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