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The beavers are back!

October 2023

We played a small part in a big moment for our city last week as beavers were reintroduced to west London. Forget the Thames Barrier, well, perhaps don’t…but these little chaps are experts at building dams and shelters which help create wetland habitats used by other species.

Our ‘London is Green, Wild and Free’ campaign for the Greater London Authority celebrates our new beaver buddies as part of the Mayor of London’s masterplan to rewild the city. As part of the Mayor’s work over 476,000 new trees have been planted to increase biodiversity and protect the natural environment for future generations.. We’re hoping the campaign will encourage Londoners to not only put nature first as they go about their business, but go out and enjoy it to support their physical and mental health. We’re pretty wild about this positive project and our Less Concrete More Jungle team have been beavering away (!) on it all summer.