Positive change

Why Positive Change is Serious Business.

July 2023

We’ve just completed a brand refresh. Big exciting news, eh? Well, not for anyone outside of Kindred. But the story behind it tells a wider story about the evolution of purpose-led PR.

We’ve been delivering campaigns that make positive change for over 25 years. Most of our work back then was for Government departments, tackling issues from educational attainment to age discrimination in the workplace. When brands came to us for what they called CSR, it often involved photos of men in suits holding big cheques for local charities. Our public sector work taught us the power of PR to make real change, but it took other parts of society a while to catch up.

Fast forward to now. Making positive change is no longer a ‘nice to have’ for brands but an essential feature. We’re still incredibly proud of the work we do in the public sector, and we’ve been lucky enough to partner with brands who want to use their position and platform to make real change – tackling loneliness, increasing EV ownership, improving financial wellbeing and much more.

Seeing the impact of our work and that of other amazing purpose-based campaigns has led to our new brand positioning: Positive Change is Serious Business. Done well, PR has the power to improve the lives of people, strengthen communities, and enhance the wellbeing of the world.

We’ve also seen how positive change can lead to serious organisational benefits, including the bottom line. We love helping good clients who are doing good to make good money.

The serious doesn’t stop there. We’re serious about creating bold ideas that are driven by insight, carefully crafted and brought to life by an impressive team. And we’re serious about running a business that walks the talk and sets the standard for how a responsible agency should be run.

Positive Change is Serious Business might not be big news beyond Kindred, but it’s an important milestone for us. It’s what our business is built on. It brings together 25 years of work. Thankfully, those years have been kinder to Kindred than they’ve been to big cheques.