Life at Kindred

Wild June: Kindred takes on 30 Days Wild Challenge.

June 2023

In June 2023, Kindred took part in the Wildlife Trusts’ annual 30 Days Wild Challenge. The 30 Days Wild initiative challenges nature lovers to do something wild every day each June.

As a B Corp business, cherishing and maintaining our surrounding nature is something that’s important to us. What’s more, Kindred’s very own Lovat Parks Big 5 campaign highlighted that being immersed in nature has positive mental health benefits such as a 20% reduced risk of developing depression and an 81% improvement in mental wellbeing when in the presence of trees.

At the start of the month, we challenged the team to embrace the wild side of life in June and share their experiences with colleagues. Whether it was swimming in a local river, tending to the most miraculous house plants and strawberry trees during soaring temperatures or going wildflower spotting in Hackney, the team smashed it.