Positive Change is Serious Business.

We inspired 14% more school-age kids to agree that anyone can be an engineer.

The details.

Backpack to the Future
The brief

Address engineering’s ‘hard hat’ problem to broaden understanding of STEM careers.

How we made positive change

Our insight showed that 5-13-year-olds had a keen interest in the future of sustainable fashion. So we gave engineering a makeover. To show it doesn’t just happen in factories but on catwalks too. We focused on backpacks as an accessory that unites school kids of all ages and enlisted the support of HYPE., the UK’s #1 kid’s backpack brand. Together, we created a prototype of the world’s first 100% biodegradable bag for HYPE.’s flagship Carnaby Street store and used this to invite kids to design their own. Over 300 did, and one stood out: the ‘Breathe Better Backpack’ by 12-year-old Eleanor, inspired by her mum’s struggle with asthma.

What we delivered
  • Content
  • Influencers
  • Partnership marketing
  • PR

Impact in numbers.

partnership with HYPE. (IET’s first foray into fashion)
competition entries
pieces of coverage (exceeding KPI by 734%)
7 out of 10
post-campaign parents now believe that engineering can be creative
shift in young people believing that ‘anyone can be an engineer’
more children aware of the breadth of STEM careers